Spedition-Brucker skinpack (v1.8)

This skinpack adds paintjobs of the German company “Spedition-Brucker”
(tested on 1.39 and 1.40)
Includes paintjob for:
MB Actros MP4 (Schumi,SCS)
MB Actros MP3 (Schumi,SCS)(Old company design)
MB Actros 5 (A5C)
MAN TGX Euro 6 (SCS, Madster)
MAN TGX Euro 5 (Madser)(Old company design)
Krone Profiliner (SCS)

UPDATE 1.8: -Fixed skin for actros 5 (a5c) so it workes with the low deck
chassis (had missing def lines for the lowdeck cabs)
-Changed the Actros MP4 Shop icon so it doesnt say
Bigspace on every cab
-Fixed front grill on the MP3 High roof (Bad Template)
-Remade the TGX Euro 6 (SCS), it looked very bad before

If you got any wishes for a Skin, write a comment



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