Speed Limit

Speed Limit

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Audible alarm on exceeding the speed v 1.0

For standard truck SCS.

With this mod you can set the speed limit.
The archive six scs file speed limits, select one to your liking.
Available for: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 km/h
When you reach the speed values which have chosen will start beeping to warn you about exceeding the speed limit.
Version: 1.19.x

Authors: SCS, Team TLTSgames


8 Responses to Speed Limit

  1. aral says:

    Exactly what I was searching for! Thanks bud!

  2. Trucker says:

    How do I set the speed alarm


    super mod, ale jeśi można coś powiedzieć , to czy dało rade zrobić sygnał anty radarowy .

  4. asiangeek says:

    Could you make another mod where when you pass the limit, for it to have a gentle beep (like when you approach the repair station it beeps) and not a continuous smoke alarm sound. just a nice beep (non continous) to let you know your over the limit.

  5. aleksey says:

    Да,сдeлай так как тебя просит asiangeek.Plis!

  6. manuel says:

    Brother very good mod, thanks,, only one question, you can change the warning sound softer one somo which handle passenger trucks?

  7. Simon M says:

    can you make this for rjl Scania?

  8. SwiftTrans says:

    came here for the speed limit but instead more interested in the instrument cluster use for the thumbnail what truck is that instrument cluster from

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