Speed limiter 420km/h


Speed limiter 420km/h
With this mod you can reach maximum speed with all trucks – 420km/h
Works perfectly with mph and kmh
For all newest versions
Funny mod to reach big speed

Japertow, little help from KellyH


9 Responses to Speed limiter 420km/h

  1. Anton says:

    For what? where such a rate to drive? (

  2. scania_dragon says:

    absolutely nonsense
    a truck is not a racing car and our streets are no racing courses!
    when you will drive a racing car, play GTA5

  3. DYMERWEST says:

    Why??? Where did you it see? What here realism? you want a fairy-tale play in NFS

  4. David says:

    This mod is pointless. It takes away the simulation part of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Go play GTA or NFS if you want to drive like a total #####.

  5. Jettison says:

    You all need to lighten up. NFS2 and GTA don’t have the awesome road network of ETS2. Why not extend the already great replayability in a different way?

  6. SUN --- J says:

    nice i enjoyed it

  7. Fekin whiners.THIS MOD IS MEANT TO THOSE WHO WANTS TO GO FAST.Just dont fekin waste ur time here commenting if u dont even like this mod.Exact thing is with car mods,i dont know about u guys but ive never seen a country not even mention highways where only trucks are driving.

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