Sprinter 2010 v 1.0

Sprinter-2010-1 Sprinter-2010-2

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Sprinter 2010 LWB v1 for ets 1.23

– Lightmask
– Template
– Ao baked
– Addons

If the van doesnt show all parts check nodes as they are all there

No editing unless for PERSONAL use
No reuploading
No sharing on other forums

This is the only true release for this van and it will be updated once a month if anything is released in between it is not official release by me and released without permissions

Authors: GRM Modding (DragonModz), Raz0rMind, Klolo901, Atak_Snajpera, Ashley Willman


7 Responses to Sprinter 2010 v 1.0

  1. MotaMo says:

    CRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!! on version 1.23 I tested without other mods, all not working, repair this mod đŸ˜‰ pls

    • DragonModz says:

      works for me something wrong with your profile

      • MotaMo says:

        My profile is updated to 1.23 xD and is clean xD

        • DragonModz says:

          well the van works 100% fine for me so it must be something on your side

  2. jaja says:

    Crash for me too…. Pls fix

    • DragonModz says:

      how can i fix if nothing shows in my game.log? maybe you have other mods activated which interfere with my mod.

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