Stabo XM 4060E CB Radio v 1.1b

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-This mod adds Stabo XM 4060E CB Radio to the ETS2;
-HD textures were used;
-HQ 3d model;
-Added possibility to buy cb-radio with english radio chatter or without it;
-Cb radio can be seen from inside and outside of the truck;
-It is possible to place it on dashboard or above dashboard (place, where hanging toys usually installed)

Changelog for ver.1.1.:
-Increased length of the twisted cord for hanged cb-radio model;
-Improved model of twisted cord;
-Improved lcd-display texture and some other textures;
-Added possibility to buy cb-radio with english radio chatter or without it.

Changelog for ver.1.1b.:
– louder CB Sound

Supported trucks
Cb radio, which placed on the dashboard is compatible with every truck, which has red upgrade slots on its dashboard.
Cb radio, which placed above dashboard is compatible with all vanilla trucks and most european truck mods. See “supported trucks list” pic below.
Supported trucks list (internal truck names):



7 thoughts on “Stabo XM 4060E CB Radio v 1.1b

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…

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  3. IPR3DATOR Gaming

    Need this for American Truck Simulator aswell!!

  4. Thank you! Very good! 🙂


    Здравствуйте ! Просьба , а можно сделать вместе с русским разговором ? Спасибо .

  6. Привет, Алексей! А возможно сделать провод анимированным (к примеру, как на рации в SiSL MegaPack), то есть чтобы он покачивался при встряске, повороте и т.д. в след. обновлении (если, конечно, оно планируется)? Было бы замечательно! Спасибо большое за твою работу 🙂

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