Stainless Bumper addon for Punisher Scania 4 series


This mod adds a stainless bumper accessory for the recently released scania 4 series by Punisher.
It will also add Spatz to the front wheel arch 🙂

Please set this to a higher priority that the scania itself or you may encounter problems.

Please do not re-upload without permission
Any questions feel free to message my facebook :

Thank you for taking interest in this mod
Ashley Willman

Authors: Ashley Willman, Punisher, Laxi, 50keda, Mr. Poland, Others


8 thoughts on “Stainless Bumper addon for Punisher Scania 4 series

  1. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    ashley thats a hell of an amazing job
    greets from austria and happy 2016
    Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    youre on scs forum too,right?

  2. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    but please
    what is spatz?

  3. Ashley Willman

    Thank you buddy, i am on scs forum but havent got any topics, im not all clued up on how to use it lol, and Spatz is the black plastic trim around the wheelarch that all trucks must have if using super single wheels on the front 🙂

  4. scaniadriver of rh trucking

    good to know – saw it on your shot(now lol)

    remembered your name from where…now i know it 🙂
    if there are any questions about scs forum ask

  5. Ashley Willman

    i do have one, how do i add a picture to a topic ? very new to the forum posting side of things lol

  6. Anonymous

    Any chance of seeing something similar for Scania RJL?

  7. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    You need something like picupload
    Upload from pics and then Paste the link to what you write
    But askings better on scs Forum – easier than Here
    Im Sure you find Me there too:-)

    sure when you Post Your awesome work(s) there too

  8. kuznetsoff

    я бы себе такие же колеса поставил!

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