Start Money

>This mod only works if you have a new profile!!!!!!!
> Please do not write it!!!!!
> Do not fill up somewhere else!!!
> Have fun!

And the money on the picture, but I used to spend it a bit 😀



5 thoughts on “Start Money

  1. Sergey061

    Ты бы ещё штук 9 нолей добавил:)))
    Бред “сивой кобылы”, а не мод:)))

  2. tunning6000

    not compatible 1.29

    1. tunning6000

      not compatible 1.28

  3. Hello I do not know what the trouble the mod can do is, but I’ll look at it. And the nine zeros for you?

  4. tunning6000

    Sorry, that was my fault, it’s alright, and it’s great. Thank you for good job:):)

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