Start Money, Xp Park Bonus


Tested version 1.22-1.21! This mode gives you money starting $ 1,000,000,000.
Xp Park Bonus 17000000


DOWNLOAD 1 KB start money
DOWNLOAD 1 KB park bonus

5 thoughts on “Start Money, Xp Park Bonus

  1. EvgenKo423

    Stop uploading this unneeded ####!!! There are hundreds of such mods and this values can be easily tweaked by any monkey using just one of them!!!!!

  2. Oh help !

    The next mod for all those who´re too dumb for trucking ……

    Can anyone make an \Add-brain-to-######-cheaty-kiddies-mod\, please ?!

    My f**king goodness, it´s really the third one within a few days, just like those jerks and their no-damage and no-police mod.

    What´s this ? Some kinda \Pukes-of-hazzard-contest\ ?
    Congrats, you won !

  3. Truckercharly

    This mod is useful for a new TESTprofile. If you wnat testing parts of mods in a new game version, when the old test profile doesnt works anymore, then is a mod like this helpful. Or would you drive thousends of kilometers only to test some mods?

    But this is the only useful situation for such kind of mods.

  4. RealTrucker

    I guess you are a pro trucker, maybe you should stop playing and out into the real world, I think you will do very well with a mouth like yours.

  5. Doesn’t work…
    Can you tell me, how the correctly procedure if I want to using this mod..?

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