Statoil Gas Station


Tested release 1.19.x
Only for the DLC Scandinavia
Converting Fred_be

Credits: Dombro, Faelandaea, Fred_be

* Respect the download link *


3 Responses to Statoil Gas Station

  1. mkettu31 says:

    does this change the in-city gas-stations als, as it is not pictured on the examples

    • Drive Safely says:

      No. Only for DLC Scandinavia as this gas station is for the Scandinavian prefab only.

  2. Ralph says:

    Hello, great job… Just one question. Statoil big station near Keil, and in Scandinavia only shows the price sign. the gas station itself is the default ETS2 .dds. Is there any way to include both the price sign, and the gas station to ETS2 DLC? Thanks, Ralph.

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