Steering wheel fix


Texture fix for brown leather steering wheel, if you use my latest mod, “zeeuwse_trucker 2.02.rar”
some may have texture fail, place this mod on top. Or if you no how to, open your mod, goto vehicle/truck/upgrade/steering_w/scania_rcab_edit/textures and replace and sew_4.tobj with the one in this file.

grtz. zeeuwse trucker



One thought on “Steering wheel fix

  1. can someone fix a mod so the steeringwheel move in drive position when you start the truck, and move forward when you turn off the truck, i saw this in the Scania r 1000 when i had this modbut i could not use this truck bcs it crach my gane when i try to buy the truck,
    hope you can fix a mod like this for all Scania
    best regard. Magnus.

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