Steering wheel MPIV


Old school steering wheel for mercedes mp4

by el_crespo


9 Responses to Steering wheel MPIV

  1. edvart says:

    Please make for MAN TGX :))

  2. Hotracer[SPA] says:

    What this? vaya mierda colega y mas de quien viene, un flipao español que se piensa que es bueno y es un pedazo de palanganas jajaja

    • el_crespo_730 says:

      You know who I am
      tell me who you are?
      now will you hide?

      • Hotracer[SPA] says:

        Te conozco mas de lo que tu te crees jajajajaja eres un noob como lo llevas siendo desde que empezaste en el ets

  3. SergiuTGA says:

    I like it very much! It would be great if you can make a Holland style skin for MP4. btw GOOD WORK!!!

  4. Stas699 says:

    I dont like its very ugly it is a vabis scania on a mercedes. Seriusly? You are a noob making #### mods. Dont work.

  5. LeVieuxAreStrange says:

    Hello friend, I hope you can read this, your work is spectacular,I never thought to someone do this type of wheel for the MP4, it was necessary to finish my truck “Holland Style” thanks for this! 🙂

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