Steering Wheels Scania R & R Streamline

steering-wheels-scania-3 steering-wheels-scania-2 steering-wheels-scania-1

SCANIA Steering Wheels
◙ Standart
◙ Standart MVS
◙ Standart IVST
◙ Exclusive
◙ V8
◙ Exclusive IVST
◙ Exclusive MVS
◙ Standart Hi_VI
+ accessories

Author: Rogger Alvarez (Habdorn)


8 thoughts on “Steering Wheels Scania R & R Streamline

  1. ### ????? Mp4 steering wheel for scania ????
    Orginal Scania steering wheel is beautiful , no need mp4 steering wheel !

    1. Pedro Martins

      Isn’t the mp4 steering wheel.
      It’s the new generation Scania truck(2016) wheel
      take a look:

      1. MBTrucker

        Are you sure?? The new design of steering wheel of Scania 2016 is this:

      2. what ??? are u ok ?? It is not the new generation of scania ! It’s like mp4 steering wheel !

  2. MBTrucker

    Scania with steering wheel of Mercedes-Benz New Actros? ###!!! not good I don’ t like

    1. Yes i don’t like too

  3. Estiono Dodo

    Can I use that in 1.23 DLC? I’m sorry for bad English.

  4. I think it will be better if it use a new generation scania steering wheels

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