[STM] Scania 113H Torpedo Edit by Sheppardpat47

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You hate when brazilians put brazilian defs, with no icons etc? With full of errors?

I love this trucks since 3 years now, but i have never seen a clean mod of this truck for ETS2…

This mod features :

– Removed useless tuning
– New icons for all accessories!
– New engines, and torque curve and engine icon
– New realistic gearboxes (From 4-series RJL)
– New paintjobs
– Errors Free
– Advance coupling works perfectly

So, here’s my edit, hope you will love it! Dont hesitate to test it on YouTube 😉

Don’t hesitate to talk to me on Facebook ! : https://www.facebook.com/SeminerioModding/

Next update :

– Licence plate
– More tuning
– DLC cabin fully compatible

[Seminerio Trans Modding]

sheppardpat47, RJL



18 thoughts on “[STM] Scania 113H Torpedo Edit by Sheppardpat47

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. sheppardpat47

      Thanks for the video! 😉

  2. Rafael Castro Pereira da Silva

    não possui os aquivos em forma SCS apenas em SII manisfestos e tudo mais. uma pena pois o mod por video aparenta ser muito bem feito

    1. sheppardpat47

      Just put the .zip file in your mod folder, and it would works!

  3. not a bad idea…good job til now
    hope you got planned to remove more of that brazilian style like the large antennas ,the backbumpers.
    as a belgium modder you maybe know how the trucks look upthere…maybe after some work as you say it could look more european like the t143 from verbeek with highpipes and sideskirts.
    or highpipes as tuning and big square tanks on the sides with no sideskirts.
    well we see what you bring to us…
    thank you til now
    greets from austria

    1. sheppardpat47

      Thanks you! Yeah i will remove more Brazilian style tuning, i can’t do 3D but i have friends that can make that for me, with cooperation, yeah Holland Style tuning is planned! 😉
      But actually you can use the truck without the Brazilian tuning and it look like a truck from Europe 😀
      Greets from Belgium too =)

  4. 4 series interior.

    – BS1

    1. sheppardpat47

      I know but it’s the same

      1. the interior is totaly different in a 3 serie, it isn’t even close to a 4 serie

        1. sheppardpat47

          Look at the dashboard, it’s basicaly the same

          1. windows lines are totally different.
            It’s wrong, sorry.

            – BS1

          2. sheppardpat47

            So, if you’re not happy with that, make an 3-series interior!

  5. sheppardpat47

    What ?

  6. Bruno Augusto

    You are very expensive, you took a mod made by “LS MODS”, a friend of ours Brazilian, removed all the references of his production and posted as yours. You do not even have to deny because the truck plate you forgot to change, it’s from the State of Minas Gerais, here in Brazil. Then its #####! Before you speak ill of Brazilians, look at yourself more.

    Você é muito cara de pau mesmo, você pegou um mod feito pelo “LS MODS”, um amigo nosso brasileiro, retirou todas as referências da produção dele e postou como sendo seu. Não tem nem como você negar porque a placa do caminhão você esqueceu de trocar, ela é do Estado de Minas Gerais, aqui do Brasil. Então seu sujo! Antes de falar mal dos brasileiros olhe mais para si mesmo.

    1. sheppardpat47

      Yeah but, who cares about that? XD
      Peoples want cleans mods, peoples want quality mods and not brazilian looking tuning with ###### transmission and engines #####

  7. Me gusto

  8. its+easy+get+a+mod+that+is+all+ready+made+,and+than+start+criticizing+,+why+you+are+complain+about++brazilians+truck+??+you+can+put+side+skirt+on+this+truck+you+can++put+######+european+paintjob+,+lights+on+the+top,+but+this+truck+gonna+still+a+brazilian+truck+,+because+scania+serie+3+torpedo+made+in+brazil+is+diferente+from+european+model+,+the+hood+is+diferente+,so+if+dont+like+brazilan+truck+so++make+your+self+a+european+serie+3+from+zero+,+and+for+your+information+the+brazilians+113+143+have+more+Nm+than+european+models+,+and+brazil+have+made+more+scania+torpedo+than+all+european+cowntry+together+.+#thief.

  9. good

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