Summer Mod BETA

Summer mod beta is a weather and graphics mod
Compatibility version: 1.30,1.28, 1.27, 1.26
-Appropriate temperature readings
-Older roads, grass and fields replaced
-HDR bloom reduced
-reworked flares of lights
-city lighting reworked
– Realistic climates
– More vibrant graphics
Recommended settings:
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High
HDR: Enabled
place Summer Mod BETA in Mod Manager.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account.
Thanks in advance.



7 thoughts on “Summer Mod BETA

  1. Works with ProMods ?

  2. Scooby123

    Fake mod screens by scs

  3. It’s Amazing i love it

    1. relodal = zukiko, etc. 🙁

  4. iTzSplashed

    ### its way too early xD outside is 2 degrees celsius!

  5. I prefer the Weather-Mods from Grimes…

  6. road its orange&blue and street light its blue ### its the mod????

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