Super Racing Mod for All Vehicles


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This mod add “Super R” engine and transmission for all vehicles, includes physics and steering tuned for high speed, six custom gears for hauling and heavy acceleration, engine tuned to approximately 19,000hp, no damage, and no over-rev (engine simulates normally unlike memory value adjustments or excessive torque values with no physics). Use with 10×8 chassis for maximum acceleration and handling above 300mph.

This version includes fixed scrolling area for large custom maps.



See Demo:

52 thoughts on “Super Racing Mod for All Vehicles

  1. idiotic for ets2. a real truck goes 90 !

    1. UnableRogue

      Duh really?

    2. Come on Guys at least say Thank You
      If you dont like the MOD ,dont download it and Shut UP

  2. ###### mod…..this is a truck simulator game,go and play need for speed, fool

    1. why the hell you saying that its just a mod so if u don’t like it dont download it simples

  3. fools this is not your private site to say what gonna be uploaded! if you doesnt want this mod DONT need to be idiotic and ironically

    1. Hehe, but this goes also in the other way.. if someone not wanna such comments, then don’t upload such a s….t!

      ETS2 is not a racing game for us. We wanna play this game as it is, a Truck Hauling Game Simulation.

      1. Nefertiti

        You still can play the game “as it is”. This mod is not compulsory.

        Commenting negatively on a mod just because it’s not how you want to play the game just shows your immaturity, narcissism and stupidity.

      2. @maddison- It was also intended as a EUROPEAN-based game, so explain the existence of North Africa in the mod you are associated with, please?

        Or can only you pick and choose what this game becomes and others cannot?

        1. adi2003de

          The main reason why we play the game, because we want to drive trucks and ours is a #### where there! We take pictures and make videos for the game to make known and simply give us only the greatest effort to let it stand as well ( ETS 2 was not always so great) but as simply a mod just makes everything broken … There are 2 types of players .. the one who play it and the others use this simulation to simulate the reality . for it was created . Fortunately, the majority is the second choice 🙂

          1. I cannot understand your “English”.

  4. when are you gona learn that this is NOT A RACING GAME!!!you are making this game look ######,keep it for yourself only.thats why you get comments like these because it is idiotic.Go Play Mine Craft.since you think like boy.LOL

  5. scanialoverr

    please remove this mod from the site ASAP!


  7. Shogoon1984

    What a ####…

    This is a Simulator, not a racing game…..

    #### #### ####….

  8. This is a truck simulator,not a forza or Driver club.

  9. Guys guys guys…

    Despite the fact that i also hate the idea of turning this simulation game into a racing thing, i believe we should let whoever wants to share with community whatever they like.

    Us not prefering to play the game the way we like does not mean others should also well behave.

    Just let anyone enjoy themselves the way they please.

    Why all this humiliation? I didn’t like the mod, i won’t download. Some other guy loves it, he spends hours with this mod implemented in his copy.

    Do not judge people; there is no right or wrong.


  10. why would you ever ever ever want to go in 400 km/h in a f**king truck?

  11. UKTrucker

    Thanks for the mod mate, its not for me but I saw the comments that you was getting and I don’t think of it as a “NFS” mod but more of a “cheat” mod for ETS2 same as a “no police” mod or a “no damage” mod they are both “cheat” mods only this one makes you go faster to do the job faster hence “cheat”.

  12. Po polsku: totalny debilizm! I to nie jest nawet 350kph, ale mph! Czyli ponad 560kph! Żadne, totalnie ŻADNE auto drogowe czy wyścigowe (nie licząc dragsterów) tyle nie osiąga. A Ty (napiszę z dużej litery, choć nie mam do Ciebie szacunku) chcesz tyle jeździć ciężarówką?!

  13. I have to say, the utter ignorance in the comments here has no end. Seriously, any modder can make what he wants, and publish what he wants unless it passes any guidelines, which i’m pretty sure this does not.
    If you dislike it, don’t download it. It’s better for you to keep your opinion to yourself rather than him keep his work to himself. Seriously, grow the f**k up.

  14. Sasquatch

    This mod is for driving enthusiasts who are educated in simulation and/or automotive engineering, and who can appreciate simulators with semi-realistic (pun intended) physics. This simulator has been tested at up to 560 MILES PER HOUR and I will certainly release and advertise another version for the “American Truck Simulator” when it’s released.

    Euro Truck Simulator is still a VIDEO GAMING PRODUCT and as a driving simulator it should offer industry value in all applicable areas, including “Truck Racing”

  15. In english: total debility! And this is not even 350kph, but 350mph! Over 560kph! Any, absolutly ANY road or racing car (except dragsters) doesn’t go so fast. And You (I wrote capital letter although I haven’t respect for you) want drive so fast in truck?!

    1. streetbug

      i think this game become euro truck experimental :v

  16. This spelling error:” this is NOT A RACING GAME”
    Thus be written as: this is NOT A RACING game”
    I will therefore write:”this is a GAME”
    Don’t worry, you do not get penalized from your mum if you play!
    The land is flat! but….
    Galileo quietly whispered “And yet, it moves.
    Whose side are you?

  17. Sasquatch

    For those who are interested in the driving and pulling demonstrations:

    This mod is intended as humor, is fully functional for hauling, and it doesn’t restrict use of any other enhancements. You can even pull 50,000 pounds at up to 340mph with Lamborghini acceleration! Search for “Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner” or “Freight Truck Drag Racing” if you want to understand why this is interesting. Study simulation, automotive engineering, and physics if you want to understand why I found it humorous to accelerate Euro Truck Simulator 2 to 350mph. I have a 560mph (901kmh) version as well if you’re interested in seeing the upper limit of the Euro Truck simulation engine’s traction capabilities.

    1. I would like to see faster version. I think this is really fun mod. Haters hate, don’t listen them !!!

  18. We know it is a simulation game. Frankly what his little do you know that some play with this type of mod. His works solo.

    Nous savons que c’est un jeu de simulation. Franchement qu’est ce que sa peu vous faire que certains jouent avec ce type de mod. Sa fonctionne qu’en solo.

  19. what is version this mod?

  20. I’m not going to go to these extremes but I drive as fast as possible in ETS2 because the unrealistic physics are too easy.

    Driving the speed limit is no challenge.

    All the ones getting mad because “it’s a simulator” have probably never been behind the wheel of a truck in real life and accuse the author of being a kid, it’s hilarious.

    1. Sasquatch

      They’re all “Simulators” but the more common products (such as Need for Speed) tend to be satirical and are designed for fast-paced competitive activities and/or cinematic value since the general public wants hollywood quality effects and composition, and usually don’t have the attention span or intelligence required to understand or appreciate what simulation is or where the associated intellectual interests originated.

  21. Boy it is really windy on the pavement these days. With all that hot air being wasted as printed matter that needs to be backed up and stored daily for everybody’s enjoyment of a top notch truck simulation game,space on the web servers costs the providers $$$$$$ that may be in the future this type of visual nonsense will need to be justified to get stored and not initiate a word throwing Renata showing how not to submit ideas for the masses. Now on to the good ideas still available like Kriechbaum with hard work for us all !

    1. It’s 2 small pictures and some text, the file is small and is hosted on an external server anyway (no hardship on this site).

      But nice attempt at justifying your narrow-mindedness.

      If it were a problem, complain about the people who make the same truck skin for multiple trucks and upload each seperately..

      1. not all truck skins load the same and that’s what you call options!

        1. I said “if it were a problem”..

          Lets not get into hypothetical situations.

          Interestingly, this mod has more likes than most truck skins will ever get 🙂

  22. And nobody criticize SCS for letting people play with all those assist options which are not based in reality.

    F**K LOGIC!

  23. Please could you do this mod for version 1.15xx

  24. That’s Awesome man, can you made mod that can remove damage both on truck and trailer ?

  25. Anonymous

    Come’on Guys this mod make you to fastest delivery

  26. Arthandas

    Awesome mod!
    I’m really enjoying it, thanks for your work. Make them fly in version 2.0 🙂

  27. anonymous

    Just wanted to let you guys know that you are all ###### in the head for caring about a mod about your piece of #### video game about trucks, fags

  28. how to install this mods pls help i wanna race in ETS 2

    1. if you are using winwar you need to click the folder above then it should highlight the file

  29. Why+such+violent+reactions+to+a+simple+fun+mod?+I+think+it’s+nice+t+have+some+fun+with+this+and+then+get+back+to+normal+game+play.+No+need+to+be+so+####+folks+it’s+not+real+life.+:)


  30. This mod is insane best speed mod ever

  31. streetbug

    great, now, i need the anti lag turbo system
    racing in coupe, sedan, hatch, etc was so mainstream, i want race the truck
    hate it? don’t care.. :v

  32. Anonymousss

    Haha good mod. Good for TESTING.

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  34. Love watching sunset !

  35. My truck is not moving using this mod
    Please fix this issue

  36. i want the fast feel altho its not meant to be fast idc i once turned this game into a bus game.

  37. Peoplearestupid

    Srsly.. People are SO ######, I’ve been looking for mod like this, i hate trucks.. The reason why i wanna race in this game and not need for speed is because you are in EUROPE. If they released a NFS in europe i would play that instead. Some guys here have no life, if you are so horny with driving a ###### truck in 90 then do that and don’t even enter this website. Great mod, update it for the latest game version 🙂

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