Suzuki Ertiga NC V2 1.41

Updated to game version 1.41 (it also works on 1.40).

Fixed headlights for 1.40+
Fixed texture crash
Made some changes to material files
Also made changes to the engine and transmission for better realism (Thanks to Nimit)

This modification is free for edit but please do not misuse and do not reupload. Retain the original link!!!

Adi Rafudin, Yuli Indraya, Nimit


10 thoughts on “Suzuki Ertiga NC V2 1.41

  1. Mustafa Aydoğdu

    nimit abi niye böyle çok uğraşılmış milletin arbayı sürmektek çok çok keif aldı arbalar yerine niye böyle arbalar yapıyosunuz şahsen bmw 320i yapsanız ve çok güzel yapsanız millet sürmekten çok keyif alır ama sizin aptınız arbalar bu olmamalı sizin gibi başarılır insanalar böyle arbalar yapmamalı

    1. This mod wasn’t made by me 🙂 just helped the original author for some things.

      1. menderes

        Nimit, please make bmw 7 series E65 why there is no 7 series except F01? 7 series is so brilliant car. I play ###### bar driver for E65 :(. I want play E65 in Ets. Please, I am begging you.

      2. menderes

        By the way you and other modder friends Azorax… Your mods are so good realistic gearboxes, good interiors and lightning… Well done. Appreciated

  2. please make a glass animation (WIndow Animation)???

  3. audi s4 plsss

  4. Pls update one of the golf mods

  5. mirror broken

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