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Sweetfx Settings v1.0


original by:FireTheIce(BF3)
edited by:world4war(ETS2)
sweetfx settings with sweetfx

sweetfx settings for euro truck simulator 2
tested on:
battlefield 3
euro truck simulator 2
call of duty modern warfare 3

my opinion to Unchecklist :
– MLAA(Recommended)
– Depth Of Field
– Sunshafts
– Color Correction(Recommended)

copy all files to euro truck simulator folder


nb:the sreenshot use red expert 2.6 mod..if you want to like a
screenshot use red expert mod…

sorry for bad english…:)



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14 Responses to Sweetfx Settings v1.0

  1. Onur.O says:

    VİDEO PLS !!

  2. Victor says:

    What it actually?

  3. RedLed says:

    I watched the video. It looks really nice 🙂

  4. FH13 says:

    very good

  5. world4war says:

    i recommended for use red expert mod for high quality grapic…

  6. RacingFede says:

    Download link for the left Scania skin?

  7. Крокодил Гена says:

    Ох ну и дерьмо! У меня настройки SweetFX в сто раз лучше, чем это дерьмо что сюда скинули..

  8. sathish says:

    not realistic.. reverted back to original..

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