Sword Art Online Tandem Pack

Sword-Art-Online-Tandem-Pack-1 Sword-Art-Online-Tandem-Pack-2

Sword Art Online Iveco Stralis Truck with Tandem Trailer

Authors: Flemming V, Victory21


4 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Tandem Pack

  1. Victory21

    So the description wasn’t written how I wrote it. Actually it’s not only for Iveco it’s for all the trucks, how it is in Flemming V’s pack.

  2. great…
    nice skin!!

  3. GhostrickAll

    great skin and trailer
    But work for every truck and if conflit with other mods?

    1. Victory21

      Yep it’s for all the trucks as I said in the first comment, and it won’t cause any conflict with other mods.

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