Symbol Loading Trailer V1


Tested version 1.24.x
– Replaces the original Loading Trailer by cones

* Respect the download link *

Credit: MDModding


4 thoughts on “Symbol Loading Trailer V1

  1. EvgenKo423

    Try searching before making mods…

  2. @EvgenKo423: Why do you say that ?
    If I put the mod download is that I tested and if you look at the photos you can see that it works. Another comment that useless

    1. Not useless, because there’s already a mod that does that. The Dispatcher mod or something like that.

      1. EvgenKo423

        Exactly. I didn’t say a word about this mod not working! I’m only saying that such mod already exists. And you do not give any credits, nor specify what YOU did for this mod.

        BTW, what you [Steve] call a Dispatcher mod is not an original mod as well, it’s a compilation of a real Dispatcher mod and some other mods.
        That’s what I’m talking about:

        Also, I’ve improved the original Dispatcher mod since then. You can find the latest version here:

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