Symbole Fix Personal


This Mod replace the Symbols to Personal.

I don´t know who has written the Original, but all Credits go to him !!!


7 thoughts on “Symbole Fix Personal

  1. EvgenKo423

    I’ve updated the original mod yesterday and it appears in a list two mods below from this one!
    Why do you share a mod if you don’t know the author’s name? Even in that case you should provide an original download link instead of making your own package. Didn’t you downloaded it from somewhere?…

    1. Sorry, i´ve not seen that you share it !
      I have the mod a long time and i don´t know where i´m Download.
      I´ve google the name what i have (Symbole-Fix-Personal.scs) and find
      nothing. Thats the reason of UNKNOW.
      I was so happy that i fix the mod that i just share it !

      1. EvgenKo423

        Ah, nevermind…
        I’m just disappointed about the whole this situation: there are a LOT of similar mods out there and it is hard to find something really useful. It’s still a freedom of choice, but nevertheless…

  2. not bad but uninteresting

  3. Wait – are we supposed to drive over the people?!

    1. EvgenKo423

      Well, yes =DD
      Unfortunately, it’s impossible to shift models from the activation points without map editing.

  4. Yes quite

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