Table & wind shield set for Actros MP3 v 1.1 (03.08.2018)

Cabin Accessories DLC required!

Custom table and wind-shield set for the Actros MP3.
Includes UK variant.

Table with 38 slots
Wind-shield set with 37 slots
HQ textures
Normal maps and baked AO

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager.

Respect the original download link.

obelihnio, SCS Software


2 thoughts on “Table & wind shield set for Actros MP3 v 1.1 (03.08.2018)

  1. mehrab rjl 8000

    make some thing like this for scania 🙂

    1. If you look for good Tables for the Scania NG, search here for the Author “Racing”. 😉

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