Tank Trailer Chrome v1.2


So in version 1.2 is the tailer worden.Desweiteren now adapted to the DLC North to the Poles and to the Rebuilding Russmap 3 freights been added.
New chasis and new cargo: Olive oil

Kamaz, alexfree


4 Responses to Tank Trailer Chrome v1.2

  1. RoAdRuNnEr1973 says:

    Good translatet English ; )

    But thanks for Re – Work the nice Trailer in Promods and Scandinavian Area´s…

  2. Theosz says:

    TY for sharing

    pretty beautiful trailer

    when I started playing with this mod in v1.20 I’ve got these messages:

    00:05:21.762 : [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/59/f2fdda38533d20771c06f946dbbcdd8467f289.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:05:21.762 : [material] Can not open ‘/automat/59/f2fdda38533d20771c06f946dbbcdd8467f289.mat’

    can fix?


  3. Theosz says:

    can change the load name? I see ‘Leer2’

    is empty in german idiom?

  4. Christian says:

    Ist es möglich das Passwort für die Inhalte zu erhalten? 🙂

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