Tatra Phoenix v2.0


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Tatra Phoenix
Test Version: 1.19,1.20,1.21
Standalone Truck
Dealer: DAF
Readme V1.0:
Tuning – Hella light,50K Beacon,Dice,Twister,Sting,Joker front grill,Sting roof grill.
Interior with 50Keda GPS,original SCS GPS,without GPS.
6×4 chassis with turntable,6×4 tandem chassis.
Coal,Sand,Gravel,Empty,No visible trailer.
Coal,Sand,Gravel,Empty Extension.
Readme V2.0:
Fix glass with use HDR.
Add logs extension (logs,empty) in servise.
Add logs trailer (logs,empty,no visible).
Add logs crane on 6×4 chassis with turntable.

jazzycat, 50Keda, Vlasta, HomerS




30 thoughts on “Tatra Phoenix v2.0

  1. RhastalordTV
  2. BearGrylls

    Test 1.21.1s 1080 / 60HD https://youtu.be/v8tw3uIbB1Y

  3. Karina-Moskva

    Cool ! Thanks.

  4. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps Video:


  5. jake_the_snake

    Yeeesssss! Finally my beloved Tatra. Thank You!

  6. Faelandaea

    Oh sweet! These are made in Czech, aren’t they? Looks great. Downloaded and will be the first thing I drive tomorrow 🙂

  7. Nice truck. Thanks for a great mod!

  8. goods

  9. Hi , mod looks great and thank you for making and sharing with us , just on fun part … the ETS2 its made in Czech and Tatra its from CZ shame end in game that late , i think SCs should have deal with them at first place ?

  10. tarek1508

    good job! can you make an Iveco Astra HD9 like that

  11. thats just a DAF CF

    1. jake_the_snake

      Yes, Tatra Phoenix uses DAF CF cabins and Paccar MX11 and MX13 engines, but it’s still a great mod.

  12. TATRA
    Nezná bratra./
    Don’t know it’s brother.

  13. Esli delaesh TATRU,tak i delai TATYRU, a ne gibrid!

  14. FB Page with all photo from create this mod 🙂

  15. Blaziken777Sverige

    At first i thought that the interior was fake, because it looks exactly like DAF’s interior. Then i Googled for the real Tatra interior. The real interior is basicly a DAF interior! xD
    BTW Very beautiful mod with a very nice truck! 😀

  16. ShuqGrind

    Finally,a Tatra truck has made its way to a line of ETS2 modding. Thanx very much guys,the mod is really stunning and realistic.

  17. Mads Jørgen

    I have driven one og those here in Norway on an offroad track. Extreme!

  18. Sorry guys, if interested – Volvo FMX, throw on this website 😀

  19. Владимир

    татра приехала из фермы

  20. Je to jenom 6×2 a ne 6×4.Takova Tatra s timto pohonem se vubec nevyrabí a vyrobce by se za to stydel.

  21. Hey guys you can tell me where is trailer ?

  22. When it’s be new version??

  23. Incompatible with 1.22, please fix it!

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