Tegepas Leuchtorium V2 for DAF Euro6


for DAF Euro6
HEllo OWS 7
– ows 7 Heavycargo without light
– ows 7 Heavycargo with light
– ows 7 with light funktion
– ows 7 with headlight

KL 7000
– 1x left orange
– 1x left black
– 1x left & right orange
– 1x left & right black

Tegepa, Roadhunter


3 thoughts on “Tegepas Leuchtorium V2 for DAF Euro6

  1. Awwwwww i love it but could you do it for other trucks cuz I dont really like the DAF XF Euro 6 😀 Would be so great thumbs up dude

  2. Great. Thanx 😉

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