Temp MADSter TGX Fix 1.31.x

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Temp MADSter TGX Fix 1.31.x

-Interiors: Facelift/Performance Line/Performance Lion
-Animations: Lifted axle icon
-Dashboard display: Retarder indicator
-Roof bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Low/bottom bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Side bars: 2 variants available in Paint/Chrome
-Bumpers: Facelift/Facelift Heavy
-Skins: Performance Line/Performance Lion/Red Lion 500
-Addons: Lights/Small lights
-Rear bumpers: 5 variants
-Rear mudflaps: 8 variants
-Interior parts: GPS/Fridge/Front camera
-Sideskirts: 6 variants
-Low deck chassis

CobraBlue6, TheCripple for testing and def fixes


11 thoughts on “Temp MADSter TGX Fix 1.31.x

  1. Does not work at 1.30?

  2. Pablo Escobar


  3. no me funciono

  4. olivier robben

    does it has the cables ?

  5. REVIEW fix (1.31b):

  6. Sorry, Truck is not in the Dealer. 🙁
    Only MAN TGX, but not the Euro6.

    Can it be a Problem of Priority ?

    1. unpack this fix, open man_3.sii with WIN writer and resave it in not idiotical SCS format with line ending
      repack by zip-normal-deflate and be happy.

      1. Hello, Trucker, I found another way:

        I open in Notepad++ and editing the Place in Dealer:
        vehicle: .tdealer.man_3

        I changed it to:
        vehicle: .tdealer.man_8 ( in the two sii )

        Thank you for your Reply. 🙂

        1. happy trucking! (c)

  7. Works on 1.30?

  8. Natale G.

    It is not working after any kind of editing
    It would be really nice, if there is a way, to fix it and edit the TGA and TGX €5 Series.

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