Template For Scania R & Streamline By RJL


Template for the Scania R & Streamline By RJL

For request mod: [email protected]

RJL & PRN_FR ETS-Modding


6 thoughts on “Template For Scania R & Streamline By RJL

  1. Boogienights

    Curious question from someone that hasnt skinned trucks before. But on the templates you rarely see a template with the front of the cab, usually only the grill. How do you for example skin the sign at the front? Or am I missing something? 🙂

    1. What sign in the front? License plate? Headerbanner?

      The banner should be on the roof-view.

    2. It looks to me the banner is actually the most left-bottom one in the middle of the template. (left under the gril and headlight)

  2. I do not see the wind deflectors for highline. Not good.

  3. how i can skin bumper??

  4. OfficialByZockerYT

    Thx iam have a youtube channel thx i have maked a skin its wondaful! sry for english 🙂

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