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Terminal Mod V2 + Passengers


Good mod if you driving bus.
Tested On 1.3.1

Authors: ArifDesign, ByMetin44, BLadé1974, TeDD-i, corumluomer


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28 Responses to Terminal Mod V2 + Passengers

  1. Michael says:

    IT’S NOT A MOD. It’s a bus station that scs has made and is included in the next update, this is a stolen beta file.

  2. Adele says:

    Good I Reached it !

  3. Tasos says:

    Where is it located?

  4. Your Mom says:

    Does enyone know when the new uppdate will be coming and whats in it?

  5. Milkov says:

    Where are the credits to SCS?

  6. human says:

    Thats good that new update are coming if its’s and very cool the bus stations are in to in game in future and I hope that between citys are to some bus stations that buses stops and takes passenger onboard

  7. StefanS says:

    its a TRUCK Simulator not BUS Simulator!!!!!!!

  8. james says:

    Who knows what exactly scs development looks like in finished product? If a beta tester leaked it then scs will deal with it, if some other designer sees it to develop then we benefit. This game has so many avenues for development that by using strictly a bus profile for all the bus additions it is a whole game in its self.
    My only present problem is there is no freight menu to use. Did i miss something?

    • james says:

      I have an additional note. This mod works with other maps thats good. I have not been able to find any passengers are they setup for a certain level. Where are the scheduled pickups on the freight menu. Do you need to use a certain bus for this to work. The onibus had it own system PLEASE tell us something. If you know nothing about this mod WHY? I hate mods with no notes on how to work them. awaiting your reply——–

  9. indonesian truckers says:

    Regards to the truckers in ets2

    I want someone to make a mod or patch that allows for:
    1. each truck can park on the roadside or break when a long way to reach a place of rest or free parking and then by pressing the button on the keyboard to rest
    2. provide a place to put the trailer in a different place on each company (the random)
    3. trailer driven by a computer can put the trailer as well so we can all be lining up to put the trailer due to crowded places because there are other drivers who are putting the trailer park though it was done by a computer
    4. other vehicles both small cars and trailers are run by computer can honk the horn to us as the driver of the trailer
    5. for ports and other customized with full freight, trailer means that others can come in and passing for another trailer to the port and can cross well so not just one terminal at the port works
    6. for damage to the car we were riding should be given real effect of such broken glass cracked then the tire as exhausted by the trip very much.
    7. I agree if ets2 running as I mentioned above that we need to pay to play this game but to buy it please easy as paying with a visa or transfer it is not very complicated.

    so input from me, not acceptable is not a problem, I love ets2 may grow so many people who play this game. thank you.


  10. LauR says:

    The cargo is the passengers ? 😀

  11. Pazzi says:

    and where y is the station? I can not find it anywhere: (

  12. james says:

    I presently have mod v2 working. You have to use original map or another map utilizing the original cities for this to work. on the gps they look like rest areas but have slash marks on them for parking spaces. what I found so far is that some of the entrances to the stations are not correctly placed because they are either high or low at the entrance to them causing the bus to jump up or get stuck.There are no passengers or jobs to loads them in the game. You have no money coming in at all, thus you need to have funds for repairs and gas. I am using them to find all the dealers on the map and finding which cities the are in. There are two types of ststaion large and small.
    I have no idea where, who,or when the passenger system will be coming, Its kind of a usless mod with no passengers but you get to drive a g7 all the time and on a 40″ screen distortion is present when looking out the front window. With the g7 you also get a bus cockpit to use with large front windows, but a co driver is weird in the bus where the door should be. I know this is a trucking game but they use a truck frame so i guess it permissible enough. have fun if you can and see ya at a bus station!

  13. ollie says:

    where do you get the buses from

  14. An1001 says:

    ma si possono trasportare veramente dalla stazione bus ad un’altra i passegeri???

  15. Riski says:

    what this is mod can for ets 2 1.2.5

  16. Karle says:

    Hey where do i find without no error with passenger mod download?

  17. Karle says:

    i already downloaded the euro truck simulator 2 update patch file version and then i replace my patch file.But the error become require steam file .dll .
    Where do i get this?

  18. mateusz says:

    jak to pobraci bo nie idzie

  19. Jhon says:

    Please update this mod!

  20. vinoth says:

    i want terminal& passenger mod v2 for euro truck simulator 2 v1.9.22. please replay me with download link…. this mod is not work in v1.9.22..

  21. rul says:

    PLEASE !!!


    THANKS !

  22. Igobe kuswani says:

    how can one get terminal and passenger mods?

  23. sriram says:

    where do you get the buses from

  24. gidionbujogo says:


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