Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 ETS2 1.31.x

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-1 Interior
-2 Cabins
-2 Wheel covers
-2 Steering wheels
-2 Chassis
-2 “Engines”
-2 Gearboxes
-Interior lighting
-2 Trailers

The Tesla Semi Truck looks very modern and futuristic.
It is a real high quality model, with detailed interior.
The doors can be opened (only in the interior you can see the animation when you start the ignition)

Note: In this model, battery charge, sound or some detail, is not affiliated or supported at the moment for obvious reasons, or may be the model you are watching. For now enjoy the mod!

SCS, Franck Peru, Yekko Yek, Argarwen, Andis Kreps, OveRTRucK


83 thoughts on “Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 ETS2 1.31.x

  1. When is video???

  2. OveRTRucK

    Link for the Trailer http://sharemods.com/u4gjex3rmz56/TESLA_TRAILER_2019_ETS2.scs.html
    PS: You can buy the truck at the Volvo dealer!

    1. EucaTheCat

      I don’t see the mod at all in my game despite installing it correctly.

      1. KieranTrucks

        I have the same problem, I installed and I can’t find it anywere in the game

  3. hey Franck Peru, you want a Volvo VNL 2018 with ETS2 1.31x??

    1. Franck Peru

      What kind of comment is that anyway?

      1. because to need asking….

        1. Franck Peru

          No, we don’t take requests from beggars

          1. im only worried asking..

          2. Anyway, Okay….

        2. TomDooley

          Asking is STILL begging so lay off, Kei. I’ll have word of the SCS forums amins if you keep this up.

          1. yes, I know…

          2. #### what would scs do to 3rd party mod site… also beggins is allowed #### youre probs like 12

    2. Luke Vadekar

      Learn English.

      1. oh ok, Thanks you for asking.

    3. ArianaSmallie

      you know, when you’re making fried eggs you need to get that oil as hot as you can, otherwise the egg will stick to the pan

  4. it’s Volvo Dealer…..

    1. millan hamp

      my game does not find it and it does not come up in my mod menu

  5. CiaoZ OveRTRucK

  6. oh thank you

    Look future-less

  8. c+quoi+le+mot+de+passe+merci

    1. Pas besoin de Mot de Passe, juste mettre le zip dans les Dossier Mod et activer apres dans le Jeux.

  9. Coming soon I will make a presentation video

  10. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  11. No hating on the modders work, but mane, this is ugly as $hit!

    1. They didn’t design it…

  12. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  13. MarLin ебать свой русский фаг, съесть мое дерьмо

  14. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  15. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here https://youtu.be/3Nc2YA_Ibxo 😀 … Futuristic mod, Ely great !

  16. Looking very good so far, but for me it is sadly undriveable!
    A few issues:

    Trailer is too close to the truck. ( Advanced coupling doesn’t work)
    Acceleration is too fast.
    Wheel and discs are not in the updated format.

    Sound is very cool, electric, yeah! Blinker and parking brake should be changed! They sound a bit off.

    Thanks for this great mod anyway! I hope to see more of it!

    1. I second that….

    2. Yes, You got a good point. And I also think that the brake is too strong. Do you think so? But overall this is a very good mod.

    3. The reason it has such fast acceleration and braking is because it’s all electric. Electric motors produce a lot of torque from standing, unlike conventional diesel/petrol engines.

  17. Ты чe такoй З лoй пидарoк?

  18. how can i find tesla truck in the dealer !?

    1. Volvo dealer!

  19. RayFiftyOne

    What an ugly truck. Not in my game!

    1. when i find tesla in the game !?

  20. Cruise control doesn’t work with this truck anymore! I hope there is a fix soon. The hook_t – point must be adjusted back a bit. And the collision with the semi stand up sleeper must be adjusted forward a bit. Did it by myself and now the european trailers doesn’t crash the cabin anymore. It was made for ATS where the coupling is different than with european trailers. Advanced coupling points working, but the truck is too high for this.

    1. Yes, I agree that!!! so The same only Peterbilt 579 hook trailer with European trailers doesn’t crashed the cabin anymore…..

    2. ask again: Peterbilt 579 Hook up Trailer bug control in European trailers with not compatible…

  21. Bhagwant123

    Please make it ets2 v. also

  22. Sabaton35

    Also bei mir hängt sich das Spiel auf wenn ich es fahren möchte. Er geht garnicht erst in die Kabine. Nichts geht.

  23. Hilalimsin

    Tesla Semi Truck Elon Musk – Ets 2 1.31


  24. I like the concept, but something about this mod makes game laggy, FPS drop from anywhere around 35-40 I normally have, to 14-20 with this puppy selected. Even the selection itself, on truck management page, makes screen freeze for a couple of seconds. What could be the culprit? Thanks, Red

    1. Syahmi Asyraff

      I have the same problem. I played this ATS version of the mod. ###, the fps drops and finally crash. I check the actual size of the file. Then, I was shocked that the size of the mod is about 1GB!

      1. Yeah, actually textures take up 2,67 GB. The remainder of 8 MB makes up the rest of the archive. Not playable on my PC, anyway. Mod looks nice indeed, but not nearly as nice as Scania S 2016 for instance. So I don’t see the need or purpose for those gargantual textures, nor the effect of it, apart from making my 750ti squeal. 😀

          1. Syahmi Asyraff

            There you go! That’s how huge the file is. I also have problems with jazzycat’s trailers and cargo pack (each part is now more than 1GB) and cause low fps. So, one simple thing, don’t use any mod that has a size of more than 1GB for low-end PC players like me otherwise you will suffer low fps then crash.

    2. Red, I had the same problem too up until recently. If you lower shadows to the lowest and mirror to lowest, it seems to solve the low fps issue. I have other graphic options on medium. The menus still take a bit to load but otherwise it is a much smoother gaming experience. If you still have trouble experiment with the other graphics settings.
      GT 1030 2G
      8gb RAM

      1. Thanks for your recommendation, Jean. I do not want to do what you have proposed. No truck is worth either shadow quality or mirror distance, IMHO. I might have low-end PC, but SCS Scania S 2016 looks really good, interior or exterior, doesn’t give me that sort of trouble (10 fps on empty highway, come on…), and I might just stick with that.

        Kind regards,

      2. A little disclaimer: I am not a modder, I do respect modders’ work, and I certainly don’t want to be rude, but this mod screams “not optimized”, probably due to very large number of very large texture files, as we “inspected” earlier.

        As I said before, my PC is a low-end one (though a bit thicker than your own): i5 7400, 8GB, 128 GB SSD, 1TB HDD, GTX750ti…

        But… is not a complete junk, works well with the game itself, bunch of other mods (some of which are bigger than this one, of course, not compressed so hard, like this one) also work well. Knowing this, I cannot settle with solution you have proposed.



  25. killyboy98

    any one know why it doesn’t work in my game? can’t find it in any Volvo dealers.

  26. Whats+the+Password?

  27. spitalul nr. 3

    It looks horrible: just like the real thing!

  28. flemingjr

    GREETINGS FRIEND OF VENEZUELA A QUESTION … YOU CAN UPLOAD ANOTHER LINK AT LEAST OF MEGA ?? what happens, I try to download it and when I get to 16mb, I download the download

  29. Cristian Fernando

    Hello, I have a problem when I install the mod and go to the dealers and select volvo, the truck gets bugged and my game crash. How can i solve it?

    1. pagicence

      I have the same problem. There is a lot of jerking and then the game crashes.

    2. Yes, I have the same problem. Sadly, I have no solutions, but I think I can help with what I got. The cause of this problem might be because we have weak computers. I have an Asus laptop and let me explain why is the cause of having weak computers! Basically, you might think that this is some glitch. The real reason is that the mod is 2.6GB big and that makes it hard for our computers to load in on the menu. The REAL awkwardness of this mod is, when i create a new account and pick the Tesla semi it loads in normally! It doesn’t drop frames or anything but it crashes my game in the menu. That’s a weird thing about it.

  30. Hat3Mach4ne

    what is the password to the file

  31. I+activated+the+mod+and+when+I+go+to+the+Volvo+Dealer+in+London+its+not+there.+Where+is+it?

    1. SpookThePhantom

      I got it in Germany (Nürnberg)

  32. SpookThePhantom

    Works great for me and good to drive. Fantastic mod. Looking forward to beacons and air horns getting added. Well done devs.

  33. So a few big problems I noticed #1 your math is wrong on the gallons you did the math based on US gallons not Imperial so you actually get less than what your supposed 2 #2 You locked the mod so no one can make personal edits/additions….I can kinda understand it but still sucks I can’t make a more realistic personal version with custom skins… #3 I can’t make custom skins because there isn’t a template.

  34. Hi Guyz,
    I want to install this mod on my ETS 2 (Cracked)
    Italia DLC. please help me out. When I go to the volvo dealership it says $BRANDS$. Then it shows 0/0. Please help me out.

  35. can you make this mod on 1.30.x? thanks

  36. NLLittleTear

    Is there an extra mod that I need? When I go to a Volvo dealer it crashes my game.

  37. NewChipFoose

    The mod is really bad optimized, it has over 200errors and 150 warnings it lags a lot please fix it and I may do a mod review crediting you when the mod is is good for anyone to recommend it

  38. Legolas221

    Works on 1.32x ?

    1. No. I wish i could update it but i can’t.

  39. Please make an update for 1.32.x

  40. esse truck da uma leg desgraçada !!!!!

  41. this truck is a disgraceful leg

  42. How you turn the truck on auto pilot?

  43. Good day sir, your mod is absolutely amazing. It is working for my 1.31x ets2. Auto cruise is working fine. No lag whatsoever i feel in my 16gb ram and gtx 750ti. But, the acceleration is little bit slow compared to every ice truck available in this game. So, i really want to do some small changes or tweak the engine little bit. But unfortunately the files are being password protected. So if you be so kind, please share the password for this masterpiece. Thank you.

  44. Is there an update for 1.35x?

  45. yourmomfat612

    rly #####…. doesent work 1.36 i have a 2000$ pc. I activate the mod, buy it, and when i try to drive it, just crashes my game! Complete bullshit

  46. LF Modding

    The mod crashes my game when I try to view it

    1. Same here it just crashes when i am trying to view it

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