Texture Reworked v2.0.1


v1.07 :

* Texture Road Reworked
* HDR Reworked
* Weather Reworked
* Color Correction



* Compatible with maps:
– Vanilla Map –
– Promods –

Compatibilities map resolved for:
– Truck Sim Map –
*Ray of sun reworked
*Sound of rain reworked


*Rain texture Reworked
*Changed light tractor for Xenon Light for a best visibility on the fog
*Added fog
*Ray of sun reworked
*Sound of rain reworked
*thunderstorm sound and texture reworked


-Added New Speed For wiper.
-Correction small problems


Mod being imported for ATS !! Normally in the evening it’s ok!

Don’t Reupload !!
Enjoy and good game !! 🙂



8 Responses to Texture Reworked v2.0.1

  1. wegger says:

    It works with spring V2.1 grimes ?

    • American-Express says:

      No for the moment, I’ll see later if another application is made about the same subject

  2. Moore says:

    wrong credits for all parts in this “collection” !!!!!

    but … download not worth

  3. Kass says:

    What is your definition of “Rework”!!! Rework = Steal?
    This Mod its NOT your work.
    What is the point you are stealing from other modders/mods?
    Shame really some of you are not able to Respect other people work, instead you just steal.

  4. Dolby says:

    When installed the Texture Reworked v2.0 or the Texture Reworked v2.0.1. Everything works good. But the trailer end truck has no damage enymore? When i disable this mod. End drive to a other car i got normal damage control? PLease fix this issue.

  5. procef says:

    porque este mod no deja que el camion tenga daños? todo el trabajo esta excelente, solo que si deberia tener daño

  6. royq says:

    Any way of removing the Xenon lights? I tried to delete the xenon.sii files from each truck but they still appear. I prefer the original lights if possible? thanks!

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