Texture Reworked v2.0.1


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v1.07 :

* Texture Road Reworked
* HDR Reworked
* Weather Reworked
* Color Correction



* Compatible with maps:
– Vanilla Map –
– Promods –

Compatibilities map resolved for:
– Truck Sim Map –
*Ray of sun reworked
*Sound of rain reworked


*Rain texture Reworked
*Changed light tractor for Xenon Light for a best visibility on the fog
*Added fog
*Ray of sun reworked
*Sound of rain reworked
*thunderstorm sound and texture reworked


-Added New Speed For wiper.
-Correction small problems


Mod being imported for ATS !! Normally in the evening it’s ok!

Don’t Reupload !!
Enjoy and good game !! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Texture Reworked v2.0.1

  1. It works with spring V2.1 grimes ?

    1. American-Express

      No for the moment, I’ll see later if another application is made about the same subject

      1. I’m interested by your mod.

  2. wrong credits for all parts in this “collection” !!!!!

    but … download not worth

  3. What is your definition of “Rework”!!! Rework = Steal?
    This Mod its NOT your work.
    What is the point you are stealing from other modders/mods?
    Shame really some of you are not able to Respect other people work, instead you just steal.

  4. When installed the Texture Reworked v2.0 or the Texture Reworked v2.0.1. Everything works good. But the trailer end truck has no damage enymore? When i disable this mod. End drive to a other car i got normal damage control? PLease fix this issue.

  5. porque este mod no deja que el camion tenga daños? todo el trabajo esta excelente, solo que si deberia tener daño

  6. Any way of removing the Xenon lights? I tried to delete the xenon.sii files from each truck but they still appear. I prefer the original lights if possible? thanks!

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