The Grand Tour Garage

The Grand Tour Garage made by Michael.
-Works with all versions;
-High quality texture;
-Logo it’s visible only on MAX upgraded garages;
-Don’t reupload without my download link;



8 thoughts on “The Grand Tour Garage

  1. for me it does NOT work, buildings bridges and purple houses

    1. That´s normal, because the Garage is very old (Knoxx, FredBE).
      Only changed the

      1. true I looked at the files are from 2015

        1. I have the same, but I reworked all pink Files. Now I can again use.
          I like it, so I accept some Errors, if there are. 😉

          1. download your garage link please 🙂

          2. give me your garage, thanks

  2. AlexCrazy

    mod from 2015 with no updates

  3. Sebastian Schweer

    macht Fehler leder

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