The Harsh Russian Update


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Added 100 km road from the village to Arkhara Zavitinsk, added Har-pack, events on ice and dirt on the Kamaz on the Koran. In comparison with older versions, R13, more optimized.

Tested 1.22 Game Version



39 Responses to The Harsh Russian Update

  1. Sca says:

    Nice . Thanks ;D

  2. sam says:

    Work on 22.1.1 ?

  3. goba says:

    Key For R13

  4. SlavikSD says:

    Be sure to disconnect East and North!

  5. Marcel1801 says:

    is it standalone or a map add-on?

    • DigitalX says:

      It is standalone.

      Has the REAL Goba actually released this or what? I found his site but don’t speak a lick of Russian..

      I can type “goba” in the name box and pretend too!

  6. DAVI ELIAS says:


  7. Milka 78 says:

    Ugyan olyan tré mint az előző.Nincsenek megvehető kamionok,bugok tömkelege

  8. Milka78 says:

    Egy rohadt telepítési útmutatót sem lehetett hozzá csatolni angolul???
    Álló helyzetben sodródok oldalra az úton,a kezdő fuvarnál el sem fordul a kamion a súly alatt,egy bughalmaz az egész!
    Magyarok ne töltsétek!

  9. Anonim says:

    Bs. The game crashes even I remove 1 by 1.

    • Ets2fan says:

      Make sure You remove both DLC East & North and also You need to put files in correct section.
      and the key file as last

      works fine without problems.

      • ImperialJudgement says:

        I have removed the DLC’s and idk if it is right. Does the number 2 have the same name with a “2” at the end?
        A name without number

  10. vehbi says:

    vehicle bounce bug ?

  11. Bonsai002 says:

    absturz der map nichts geht

  12. Narzew says:

    100km ? It’s about 1900 km in ETS2 scale 😀 Thanks for the update.

  13. solvo79 says:

    Die Map stürzt während des Ladens schon ständig ab

  14. игорь says:

    не идет на,даже если загружать новый профиль( очегь жаль,так хотел поиграть(

  15. игорь says:

    Не работает к сожалению на

  16. GRANDFATHER says:


  17. Victor Lucas says:

    link off

    • luisjram says:

      hello as I do for the mod serve in version 1.23? without giving errors

  18. Zolee says:

    Nice job, nice map!
    One question: Is it possible to accelerate the game time ??
    Do not be realtime.

  19. Zolee says:

    Congratulations, well done!
    One question: How to speed up game time?
    Do not Let the time in real time.

  20. othman says:

    I want a game link euro truck simulator 2 1.22 Please.

  21. BrianMatare says:

    The download link is not working.. Is there anyone with the torrent link for this map mod

    • Jhznny says:

      goba just left a new link to the map and key a little further up in the comments

  22. павел says:

    я играл . прошел не всю карту. линия красная по дорогу которой возим. карта направление обман. нет защита. уронил. дорога ужасно . ехал кое как и засрял. время теряет. просто ужасная карта. совсем не понимаю . сделай как может по нормально. ехал камаз военный. бесполезно.

  23. Ginanjar Ruthless says:

    anyone have a game save her ? ?

  24. Andreasets2 says:

    The mod is just full of BUGS. very sad because the foundation of the map is very good.

  25. Thriller says:

    Crashes! I cant even get it to start!

  26. Winston says:

    what a waste of talent, to do such a great map and then #### it up at the distribution-site, iam a programmer for more than 25years and if i would invest hundreds of hours in a quality map like goba, the least i would want is, that nobody are able to play it, because iam 2 ignorant to deliver code that works.

  27. charles says:

    how do i disable the dlc? how to make this map work???

  28. charles says:

    there is no mbd module here…

  29. luisjram says:

    hello as I do for the mod serve in version 1.23? without giving errors

  30. unlucky says:

    no r13 for v1.23???

  31. ets2modtester says:

    1.24 pleaseee 🙁

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