The Largest & Most Diversified Brazilian Traffic for 1.24

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In three different archive content fashion. Connect can be both individually and collectively.
Those who were previously installed similar fashion to traffic, I advise you to disable them. This package contains everything!

Traffic sozherzhit whole spectrum of auto and motorcycle transport, starting with motorcycle and ending with heavy freight traffic.
-Mototsiklisty – Many, including service and the police.
-Sluzhebny Transportation: Police (including buses), a police vehicle for transporting prisoners (present in the car), Ambulance, Fire Service, Mail and others. With sirens and flashing beacons.
-Mini Vans – a lot.
-The Various passenger transport. With passengers in the cabin, roof loads, smashed vehicles and to remove the door.
-Technical Service – Tow.
Total abundance is impossible to list.

Remove all screenshots vozmozhnyi not due to the abundance of transport, which changes its skins, passengers and cargo.
Cargo transport carries both its own trailers, and default, and one that set the game in the form of individual trailers and packages.

Tested on version 1.24
Log without errors.

Authors: CLEVERSON NASCIMENTO; QRA CABECINHA; Quirino; TONHO NUNES; EDSON TELES; nportegies; Lucas Morais; alkonavt96; Wagner Pires; JL TRUCK; Obin-Wan Kenobi (Everaldo); Carlos Silva; URSOPARDO GAMES; Solaris36

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8 Responses to The Largest & Most Diversified Brazilian Traffic for 1.24

  1. reinaldo says:


  2. CNld says:

    Awesome but the box trucks have a very bright (unrealistic) advertisement trailers.

    • JL Truck says:

      Hello! Maybe you must use a mod called HDR_no_bloom. It fixes the bright of all mods, that is, the bright is not from the trucks, but It comes from your game.

      Sorry my english!

  3. GonzaXP says:


  4. william says:

    Great work. keep it up. You are the best.

  5. luke says:

    great job but are they compatible with Jazzycat’s traffic packages?

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