The Moscow Region for 1.27-1.28

Map of Moscow Oblast 1 to 1

The new profile of the second flight orders agencies on the new Mercas failed the steering wheel down and is not regulated by the other tractor units in order, wrote about the problem of no reaction to him supposedly all right, although he knows that there is a problem.

Dmitry Povetkin


5 thoughts on “The Moscow Region for 1.27-1.28

  1. Sorry, but can you please tell us what you speak about?
    832 MB for WHAT?
    And what is about “the problem of no reaction to him supposedly all right, although he knows that there is a problem.”

    MAN, be REAL, I tell you!
    WHAT is the point regarding your mod?

    By the way: >Do you know the great map called RusMap???

    So why you……… and at all……. Why YOU……….

    YOUR reason to publish this mod IS WHICH???

  2. @gerd_e
    This is not the rusmap :’D

  3. Stephen Butler

    Come on, gerd_e, go easy on the poor guy. He’s obviously done something to it (although I cannot understand what), and he also obviously doesn’t speak a word of English, which is why he has put his text through Google Translate. I have no idea what he is on about. I have a 37″ inch monitor, running full HD, and I cannot get the images big enough to read a) what the point of the mod is, and b) what order these pointless mods go in the game. The fact that he appears to have ripped off the RusMap people shouldn’t make us angry, should it? Mind you the more I think about it, the more cross I get…GOOD GRIEF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU RIP-OFF MERCHANT! Design your own mod AND STOP STEALING OTHERS’ WORK!!! There, that’s better. Cheers!

  4. Take it easy guys. If map work or not I dont know.

    There are 5 different area around Moscow. Oblast 1-5.
    I file is no Crach. some other file to.

    Happy Trucking Merry Christmas from Sweden

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