Timber addon for RJL R & 4 Series

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Zeeuk1 Timber addon for RJL 5/6 r series & 4 series.
This mod is working on the latest version 1.28.x
It adds a standalone chassis to the existing RJL mod.
Currently no upgrade option (apart from stock RJL)
Rear number-plate and trailer to come in future update.

Simply download and paste straight into Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod folder. (Documents/Euro Truck Simulator2/mod)

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Please note that this is a turbo squid model and may cause low Frames per second (FPS) & Lag.

Zeeuk1 Modz & Skins/Ziad England/Rupert Smith


9 thoughts on “Timber addon for RJL R & 4 Series

  1. it’s make a Cargo and the Reefer?

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. Your mod video was not asked for.

    2. The Trucker

      Beautiful video shows everything without much talk
      Thank you

  3. Tremonia1974

    volvo lights on Scania?

    1. Are you blind?? They are Scania Streamline lights hahaha open your eyes

    2. jeffjam94

      those are the taillights from the Scania streamline.

      the ones the the Volvo look different

  4. any bdf timber trailer?

    1. Look for V2 on our Facebook Page 🙂

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