Tinted Headlights Renault T v 1.1

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Hello everybody, I am providing a small modification of the headlights.

Added Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20 and Gloover)

Paint accessory:
acc_list[]: “f_light_chs.xenonpf”
acc_list[]: “f_light_chs.stockpf”

Credits: Gloover, umri20, SCS

Just download and put the zip into the modfolder and over the truck mod, start the game and you’re done.

Credits: Gloover, umri20, DrMedDenRasen, SCS


8 thoughts on “Tinted Headlights Renault T v 1.1

  1. what mod the windows sticker

  2. I have no rear lights. What mod do i need?

    1. DrMedDenRasen

      If you use this mod Renault T Light Improvements v.1.4, you need this mod for the taillights https://github.com/powerkasi/P8_Lightpack/releases, or you add the new bumper in an existing mod in the def

  3. DrMedDenRasen

    @ MadMax is this Mod https://ets2.lt/en/smg-sticker-v3-templates/

    @ Rene Do you use Renault T Light Improvements v.1.4 with this chassis 6×24/6×2 ? if so, download the fix


  4. DrMedDenRasen

    The 2 video does not have to do with my mod. THIS IS NOT MY MOD (see red DRL lights and no fog lights). This mod is another and a private mod

  5. DrMedDenRasen


  6. Sancezz00

    what mod the windows sticker please
    [email protected]

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