Volvo Skin Dragon Girl

Volvo skin Dragon girl

Big pictures Dragon girl

Wallpaper Volvo skins



8 thoughts on “Volvo Skin Dragon Girl

  1. at least state what volvo this skin works on please.

  2. Marc Ulfhedinn

    WHOA! One more time…another Masterpiece! Thanx Dimsaa!

  3. @Nick, you asked the same question in a previous skin. I answered you. See there, it has and a link to help you.

    @Marc Ulfhedinn, thank you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Marc Ulfhedinn

      You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, and i don’t forget to visit your site, to give that thumbs up for great work, and aprecciate better! With larger images, the superb job. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Thank you Marc!
        Unfortunately here due to technical limitations the images are small.
        So i thought for every skin make one album with pictures the same size as in the game (except the wallpapers). I hope you like it.

        1. Marc Ulfhedinn

          Aye, the dimensions varies between 470 x 264 – 470 x 312…too small. Man, your art is gorgeous, and you make for the truck that i love! It’s perfect! Dimsaa, i have one doubt, that option to change color of the of truck, when you move for choose on the color palette, why the color don’t change? Is that an error in ETS2 or you who set the color for standard? For example, this white skin Volvo Dragon Girl, to change for black, know?

  4. Hi Marc
    The color changes when the creator select this option in the ETS2 Studio when creating the scs file. This option often does not work well when there are exist many color tones. So personally choose to make color presets myself. I want the skin to be as thoughtful as i made it. The color is nice to change when the creator has made that desicion from the beginning.
    Thus, it will adjust the color tones to work properly on the changes.
    About Dragon girl,
    As you might notice, the image has a special prossecing. I wanted to look like an old-fashioned sketch. At that time color sketches were rare.
    If this is changed then the concept loses its meaning. So it was my choise and not program error.
    I hope all this make sense and you understand what i saying.
    My English is awful, i’m sorry.

    1. Marc Ulfhedinn

      Hello Dimsaa!

      Ah O.K. I understood perfectly. For a long time, i have this doubt. Thanks for your explanation! The Dragon Girl skin will never need another color. He,he. It’s perfect the way it is. I just give one example, because i see a lot of another skins in this site, and i did not understand why i can’t change the color. About Dragon Girl skin, i saw exactly what you say at the first moment, when i looked her. The image are smooth and misterious. Really incredible your skins! I’m anxious for your next skin,man. Thanx for your reply and explanation, buddy! See ya!

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