Tires Sound


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When you go faster than 60 km/h, you can hear the sound of the tires

Author: Nikola Kostovski


12 thoughts on “Tires Sound

  1. all trucks ?

  2. аБЕ македонче

  3. Do you also hear it in the cabin?

  4. @dr_jaymz

    great, i´ve looking for this for a long time, thanks dude

    1. @dr_jaymz

      dont know why but for me only sounds when the truck its on and running, is it normal Mr Nikola?

      1. You can hear the sound if you go faster than 60 km/h … from the exterior ..and sometimes you can hear from interior too.

        1. @dr_jaymz

          thanks! can you tell me how can i turn up the sound?

  5. MidniteTrain

    Sometimes?? It should be all the time. It’s the sound that sings us to sleep.

  6. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. @Nikola Kostovski. Any chance of seeing a update on your Baobab tree trailer mod? Thanks.

  7. Swedish-Power

    So by the Exterior it is Perfekt but on the Interior i hear Nothing can you make FIx This ?

    that is in the Interior Louder ?

    Sorry my English is not the best

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