Tirsan Standalone Trailer & Trailer Wheels

Tirsan-Standalone-Trailer-1 Tirsan-Standalone-Trailer-3 Tirsan-Standalone-Trailer-2

– Standalone.
– Tested Version 1.23.x
– Compatiple With All DLC
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– All Textures were made by AO Render

Installation instructions:
1.Extract this downloaded file;
2.Put the scs file on ets2 mod folder;
3.Activate mod on your mod mananger
4.And drive

Authors: Ventyres, UMTKRZ, furkan61 thank for help Emre54


6 Responses to Tirsan Standalone Trailer & Trailer Wheels

  1. zoso says:

    I like this trailer
    question, and can have a trailer without reflective on the back (to make skin real) http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/KKfBK2jW/file.html
    thank you

  2. Shaunak says:

    Which daf truck is this?

  3. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:https://youtu.be/YihLjtGV5Fk

    Elinize sağlık hocam 😉

  4. Anar says:

    Ух ты Азербайджанские номера Гянджанская регион 20 был бы ещё азербайджанские акссесуары например постель там и все дела

  5. Anar says:


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