Tofaş Doğan 1.6 V2 (1.33 Fixed)

Editing the tool is strictly prohibited
Breaking SCS and PMD is strictly prohibited

*Vehicle features

6 Front bumper
4 Rear bumper
4 Different front grill
Active animations
Metalic and normal color
HQ Model
Ao Render
Real Engine sound

Things to know
The car comes out in every gallery.
Tested in 1.33x version

Berkay Pekesen
Hüseyin Beşparmak

Berkay Pekesen , Hüseyin Beşparmak


One Response to Tofaş Doğan 1.6 V2 (1.33 Fixed)

  1. B.pipos says:

    ETS 2 MODS – Tofaş Doğan Slx – 1.33x – TITANIUM EXHAUST FROM YAMAHA R6

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