Tofaş Kartal V1R2 (1.35)

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Fixed crash
Updated mod version to V1R2



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5 thoughts on “Tofaş Kartal V1R2 (1.35)

  1. vroom, vroom, again a Skoda-Volkswagen. LOL
    155mb S H I T

  2. The gps animation when the engine turns on and off is interesting. It would be nice if other modcars had that animation.

  3. shut up joachimk good mod u are lie saying

  4. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

    şerefsiz bir de arapça müzik kotmuş. Biz türküz TÜRK ! bari bunu becerin.

  5. one of Mercedes Benz van car mod eats this car parts if use both game not crash and can change parts but need make fully indepent

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