Tokyo Bayshore v 1.307

1/3 Scale Tokyo – Yokohama map mod.

1.307 is beta version.
-Improved performance
-Fix incorrect definitions
-Prefabs looks and AI route update
-Realistic traffic spawn rate
-New AI Bus “WillerExpress”

North of Kawasaki Area has not detailed scenary.



6 Responses to Tokyo Bayshore v 1.307

  1. Bhagwant123 says:

    Is required any dlcs?

  2. luckydiejor says:

    model and sound files compatible with Project Japan map?

  3. Audi1merc2 says:

    This is a good mod and all, but maybe just ask Jazzycat to build a Japanese AI Traffic Pack for you?

  4. Driving_SG says:

    Good looking map, video (installation etc.)…

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