Touhou Project Trailers Pack

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Touhou Trailer Pack by TouhoufansIndonesia ETS2:

76 Trailer all characters touhou Project, all trailer standalone

old (use Profil liner and cool lner):
1. Alice Margatroid
2. Aya Shameimaru (2 trailers)
3. chen and Rin Kaenbyou
4. Daiyousei
5. Hatate
6. Sunny Milk
7. Prismriver Sisters (Merlin, Lunasa and Lyrica)
and many more trailers.

New (use Schmitz):
1. Clownpiece
2. Star Sapphire
3. Luna Child
4. Flandre Scarlet
5. Remilia Scarlet
6. Iku Nagae
7. Komachi Onozuka
and many more trailers

Small weight in Daiyousei (5 ton) and big weight in Utsuho Reiuji (50 ton)

this mod can use in 1.16 – current version

Please don’t reupload…….!!!

Authors: TouhouFansIndonesia ETS2, Zerochan, and Another creator Ohayou Face


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  1. Marc says:

    Why? This is sooo ugly

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