Toyota Corolla 2020 V1R60 (1.40)

Updated to 1.40



7 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla 2020 V1R60 (1.40)

  1. doesn’t work

  2. Tony11031

    Man this mod doesn’t work with latest update

  3. Hey! Can You do a GR version?

  4. I don’t really know what “bug fixes” were done, because there are still bugs that have been there for many versions now !
    – Right rear blinker flare and brake light flare are misplaced, so they light up the inside of the car !
    – Horn still sounds terrible !
    – Windows still can’t be rolled down but you can hear them – this feature was added in 1.37, why haven’t you made them for this mod and others ??

    1. Also, you cannot see the speed still !

    2. Also, you cannot see the speed still !

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