Toyota Hiace v 1.0 Beta

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This is Toyota Hiace mod 1.0 Beta.
First of all, this is a conversion from the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
So the model is low quality.
Mod is not perfect.
It is made on Skoda Superb base.
It features:
Interior with Toyota Steering
Paintable (No skins, and can not be made any skins)
Sound (Skoda)



17 Responses to Toyota Hiace v 1.0 Beta

  1. AntVenom says:

    For a convert from GTA:SA onto ETS 2’s Škoda Chassis, not bad… Also, it is the first time I see your name in, are you new? Also, is this your first mod? If yes, then props mate, you certainly did a good job! (Some people will give hate like ”Ohh, this is a skoda chassis, it sucks…” or ”dat interior is soo horrible…” – ignore those people…) One thing I suggest – do actually improve the interior. (Vents, center dash don’t match with the real thing…)

    Yet again, nice to drive the ETS’s first HiAce! Certainly works as a work van!

    • LynxKris says:

      Thanks mate, for your honest and nice review.
      Yes i am new modder, this is my first time work, i am still learning modding stuffs.
      I will post updates on this.
      Thanks again.
      And i know some people will say many bad things, i will just take them as feedback.

      • Henry3985 says:

        How can I mod?

      • AntVenom says:

        By the way, do you do requests? If yes, then my dream car would be either the 2004 Volvo S60 (That is the one I want the most), 2005 Volvo V70, or 2010 Volvo XC60, if you could make at least one of them, I will follow up on all of your mods and updates! (Not that I’m not doing that right now! 🙂 )

  2. Medo says:

    please make left drive and remove wipers from interior

  3. Henry says:

    Good job, even better if it’s your first.
    I will have to learn, I am willing to have the new Volkswagen Amarok V6 in the game an nobody does it. Where can a make a Mod? unless someone wants to give me a hand with the amarok.

  4. Frank25687 says:

    This is really nice mod mate, props to you. 🙂

  5. broooo says:


  6. v8 tiller says:


  7. Unknow says:

    If you do requests, I want you do Renault Twingo 2 with 1.5 dCi 70 and 1.6 133 RS please

  8. Teun says:

    Make Volkswagen golf 4 r32 mod please<3

  9. Ahad Bareng Ahmad says:

    Only for v1.30?

  10. _-cugar07-_ says:

    report user

    every time the suberb interior
    That is not a mod !

  11. Sky1ex says:

    сделайте Тойоту Чайзер

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