Toyota Hilux updated 1.41,1.42 and 1.43

toyota hilux
with accessories
pioneer speakers
and different engines
updated 1.41, 1.42 and 1.43
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15 thoughts on “Toyota Hilux updated 1.41,1.42 and 1.43

  1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

    Bro how to get compatibile ‘file.rar’?

  2. Mod by Frank Brasil from 2018 without any changes.
    Not for 1.43

    1. Passaros No Banheiro


    2. ErickGamer_10

      Well there are no changes because it is only to be able to use it in versions 1.41 1.42 and 1.43

      1. Passaros No Banheiro

        not working in 1.43

  3. Passaros No Banheiro

    not work in 1.43

  4. Wellington

    Não está funcionando na versão 1.43 tá fechando e travando o ets

    1. ErickGamer_10

      bem, isso nunca tinha acontecido

  5. yusuf ayz

    pls wolskwohen golf 7 2017

  6. Not working in 1.43 please fix this car

  7. not work in 1.43

  8. Alex Beaubien

    please brother
    make a car charger With real sound of srt engine
    for 1.43

  9. morris12345

    How do I want to dress up the store will crash the game in v.1.43

  10. erick consegue arrumar tipo so deixa na 1.43 ou sei la converte outro são tipo o fiat palio da 1.27 pra 1.43 mais quero muito joga com mod so que trava na hora de modifica e dirigir

    1. Yes that’s true.if not he supposed to fix this mod.

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