Tractor in Traffic for 1.27.2.x

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DLC France required.
Tractor with reworked SCS trailers (by AlexeyP)
Harvester with beacon lights (by Todor Alin)
Removed “slow” type vehicles from game – this tractors can go where was going “slow” traffic.
Removed log and hays trailers. (till we fix problem with this trailers)
Removed /def/country/ folder – not needed in this version, so it can work on all maps
Tractor and harvester work from 05:00 till 21:00

No problem with lost (invisible) trailers.
Comatible with 1.27.2.X game version.

Piva, Todor Alin, AlexeyP, SCS

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9 thoughts on “Tractor in Traffic for 1.27.2.x

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. Thanks for video, Great look.


      Please make do without dls_France!
      Or tell me how to do it…

      1. Tractor and harvester is a part od DLC france.


          Yes, I know, but I have no France, and I thought maybe there’s some sort of fix to the tractor worked without this DLC.

  3. Crashes. What a shame. 🙁

  4. I see no tractor in first video, only a harvester. Is there also a tractor?

    1. both are present …. seen many of those slow vehicles…… from behind 🙂

  5. Update to 1.28? It gives error for lights apparently.

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