Tractor with Trailers in Traffic (3.6 full)

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Now full version again.
Returned back Todor Alin Logs and hayes trailers.
Fixed prioblem with bad weather issue.
Fixed with left blinkers in SCS trailer.
Spawn ratio set to minimal 0.5
County frequency set to 0.1 (less have no effect)
Tractors work from 5:00 till 21:00 one hour each 3 hour, so it not so annoying.
Tractors without trailers now not exists, if you see it so something wrong happends. 😆

piva, Todor Alin, AlexeyP

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10 thoughts on “Tractor with Trailers in Traffic (3.6 full)

  1. Mario Player

    Tractor on HiWay?

    1. Local roads and some of expressway only.

  2. L.J.Gibbs

    is this here Trucksimulator or Farmingsimulator????

    1. Open your eyes and have a closer look, the game has tractors an harvester IN TRAFFIC by DEFAULT in France. Piva, Alin and Alexey just made them better, realistic spawn and tractors have trailers.
      take it or leave it, but don’t mock the modders!

  3. it’s bucket in with traffic?

    1. Yes. If not know it is “Slow” vehicle type by SCS in DLC France. 😉

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. dropadred


    1. dropadred

      A wrong paste. Mod does not work with 1.3X version, unfortunately…

  6. Doesn’t work with v1.30 confirmed!

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