Traffic Density and Speedlimits for 1.27

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Next update for mod

Comatible with 1.27 game version
Removed some of parameters.
Fixed safe train distance in DLC France
Reduced police activity (not fine)
Reduce spawn_frequency for police cars
Stop at some of crossroads fixed by SCS ( in my mind 😆 )


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5 thoughts on “Traffic Density and Speedlimits for 1.27

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

    1. Thanks for video, but this mod you must feel in game.

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        I know today it may be able to do route

  2. hi Piva, where I can change the speed tolerance to 20% of police car?

  3. jasiekk99

    Why this mod causes that our truck can go over 90 km/h?

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