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Traffic Mod


This mod adds over 150 models of Russian and Western vehicular traffic between trailers, trucks and vehicles
– Trailers traffic: 101
– Truck traffic vehicles: 92
– Small traffic vehicles: 63

Authors: Jazzycat, AU44


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39 Responses to Traffic Mod

  1. OLIWER says:


  2. human says:

    nice but add faster download link please

  3. Fred_be says:

    Thank you but the link is very very very fast

  4. human says:

    very nice mod if put zzzz_Kilroy´s_Multi_Traffic_Mod_ETS 2.0_JPM.edit_upload and
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztraffic_mod together is super nice mod. I hope the both mod author accept if put mods together

    • HJV says:

      this is a very well done mod.Hope it works for you with both mods, I have trouble running Kilroy’s on its own , it’s very demanding on the pc, but you never know. To the modder thanks for a very nice mod.

  5. VolterMort says:

    WHY DONT USE mega.co.nz TO UPLOAD MODS??? IS FASTER THAN sharemods.com…..

  6. stmalk says:

    Another stupid pack of ugly low quality Russian cars that somehow appeared in Europe. Are you guys serious? Create Russian map and use those cars over there, why the hell would you put this ugly nonsense in Europe?

  7. VolterMort says:

    Here is link to download from Mega(speed speed) :

  8. angel says:

    todo mundo tiene su derecho a ver las cosa y es mejor construir que destruir las cosa que otra persona se tomo su tiempo para expresar su idea.

  9. Jax says:

    It works with tsm map 4.1.1 and newest Just Play Mode on 1.5.2 version, nice mod anywyay.

  10. Genooyd says:

    When you enter the UK the game crashes and you get about 8 lines of errors in the gamelog.

    You have to manually copy two missing files from the base.scs
    vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg and mirror_01_interior_uk.pmd
    to traffic_mod.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\mirror\iveco_stralis

    Nice mod, although its strange to see old Eastern Bloc trucks in some countries with higher
    living conditions.

  11. johan says:

    spel blijft crest met deze mod al haal ik er alles uit ik speel 1.5.2 tsm map

  12. DanielR says:

    It even has some 18 wos extreme trucker trailers 🙂

  13. Anthony says:

    This mod crashes my game

  14. Alucard says:

    1/Some new modded cars, buses are extremely ugly
    2/ Game crashes when in city (

  15. apferreira truckman says:

    a tip that prevents errors in the game, when you install a mod that has change of company name and addition of new load, finish to deliver current and only install the mod after you are sitting in the garage ready for a new delivery.

  16. Александр says:

    этот мод не идет на (Карта России v 2.0) только прицепы ,а если ставить последним то выход.

  17. Human says:

    Jazzcat, can you fix this prombel for this mod .. vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg and mirror_01_interior_uk.pmd if you drive in aroud UK this messege shows in UK and game crash

    • Human says:

      sry write authors is Jazzycat, AU44 who I am ask if can fix mod. Anyway is this great mod

      • Genooyd says:

        Manually copying the UK upgrade mirrors from the base.scs to the mod only temporarily solved the problem.
        After selling the Iveco Stralis Hiway the problem was gone.
        Probably caused by buying a Iveco Stralis Hiway and adding a 8×4 chassis to it that’s in *this* mod.

  18. Genooyd says:

    In addition the trailer with the KVN crane is too high to pass under a bridge exiting Gibraltar.

  19. Александр says:

    Jazzycat, AU44 fix please for Russia Map v 2.0 (Author: MAP Valera_t)

  20. Human says:

    sr but what truck i remove in truck traffic what cause crash in UK with missing files …

    @include “truck/iveco_bdf4_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_hiway4_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_active_space_higher6_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_active_time_higher_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_bdf2_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_active_time_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_hiway8_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_bdf1_traffic.sii”
    @include “truck/iveco_hiway6_traffic.sii”

    And if I pu back some truck name is important what line i put back

  21. Genooyd says:

    No no no, I meant I BOUGHT one Iveco Stralis Hiway as a truck for one of my drivers.

    Put the @include truck/iveco files back please

    In the truckshop there were TWO 8×4 chassis available
    1) because I have a iveco_hiway_8x4_V1.scs mod
    2) and the trafficmod added a 8×4 to the truckshop (note that the icon shown in the shop is “chassis_hiway_6x4”)

    I picked the 8×4 under 2) and the errors started after entering the UK…in a MAN 8×4

    After selling the Iveco the errors were gone.

    • Human says:

      realy that help?

      why i get now those

      01:28:27.178 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd” in the read_only mode
      01:28:27.179 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd’
      01:28:27.179 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg” in the read_only mode
      01:28:27.179 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’
      01:28:27.234 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’ is malformed.
      01:28:27.300 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd” in the read_only mode
      01:28:27.300 : [ld] failed to open /vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmd
      01:28:27.300 : .\model_template.cpp(559): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/iveco_stralis/mirror_01__uk.pmg’

    • Human says:

      what city I must sell iveco is that important

  22. Cobl_CZ says:

    Hello, works it in version 1.1.1?

  23. roadrunner says:

    game crashes out on steam v1.5.2.1s when in the uk

  24. Genooyd says:

    @Human & Roadrunner

    Isn’t this mod fun?
    Recall me posting that after selling the Iveco the errors were gone?


    But first…yesterday evening I decided to search in ALL my activated mods for the entries

    And found 3 activated mods with those entries in:
    Gadget Pack V4.scs

    And decided to replace ALL the mirrorshit from the v1.5.2 Base.scs
    to those mods.

    Checked those mods for three @%@%# times that I actually replaced the files.

    Guess what happened when I quick traveled to a garage in Manchester…
    BAM game freezes and those same damned errors in the gamelog.

    Somehow the replaced files in Gadget Pack V4.scs were not replaced?!?
    This was easy to check as the date/timestamp for all those repaced files is 4-10-2013 16:11

    Okay…checked that WinRAR is \Add and Replace\, replaced everything AGAIN by
    opening the mods one by one in one window and the extracted base.scs folders in onother window
    and copying everything that was in the mod AND also in the base.scs folders.

    In addition to that I made iveco_hiway_8x4_V1.scs to load after the trafficmod.
    Took a job from Manchester to Arhus and the game seems to keep working…for now.

    You guys already know how to extract the base.scs?

    Another thing is there are some errors in the gamelog about doorhandles and doorsteps \please upgrade format to improve load\?
    If you replace those things from the base.scs the \please upgrade format to improve load\ errors go away.

  25. thoufiq says:

    this mod not working for me!!!!!!

  26. Александр says:

    возможно сделать этот мод без прицепов(Trailers traffic: 101)

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