Traffic Signs improved *Traffic Jam*

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Hello Trucker πŸ™‚
The mod replaced the Trafficsigns on the indicator board.
Have fun when use Traffic Mods πŸ˜‰
Best regards

SCS, Mr.GermanTruck


11 thoughts on “Traffic Signs improved *Traffic Jam*

  1. Danke!
    Deine traffic mod ist stau?

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Traffic jam sign without traffic jam – yes, that’s germany πŸ˜€

    1. i am a polish trucker in stauland is enough stau today

    2. Drache191200

      ####, why so salty towards Mr.German Truck, jealous that he achieves something in life while you dont?

    3. I wanted to know if he was using traffic jam as density traffic?

  3. Danke!

  4. work with promods?

    1. Promod Map uses their own traffic signs.

  5. Drache191200, ignore the child. Let him enjoy life. The child does not even know what the Gestapo.
    Gute Arbeit, Mr.German Truck! Viel GlΓΌck!

  6. MinecrafterDE15

    Compatible with ProMods?

    1. Promod Map uses their own traffic signs.

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